Promotion in times of Covid : “Abiding in God” Ep.2

📌📌 Special Offer! It’s here!!

Promotion in times of Covid : “Abiding in God” Ep.2

Promotion period from today until 30 September, 2021

✅ Books that are on special offer ✅

  1. Gold, Frankincense and More (Normal price 60 Baht; Now only 30 Baht)
  2. Sweet Memories, Sweet Success (Normal price 130 Baht; Now only 65 Baht )
  3. Effective Prayer (Normal price 50 Baht; Now only 38 Baht)
  4. The Queen’s Smuggler (Normal price 130 Baht; Now only 98 Baht)
  5. An Authentic Servant (Normal price 45 Baht; Now only 34 Baht)

** This promotion is available at Kanok Bannasan main office and at “Pheun Nak Aan” bookstore.

Special! Free delivery for orders valued at 1,000 Baht. On top of that, you’ll automatically receive annual membership with Kanok Bannasan (Not applicable if you order through Shopee and Lazada).


😍 Channels for you to order this promotion 😍
Shopee : กนกบรรณสาร
Lazada : Kanokbannasan
Line OA : @kanokbannasan
Facebook Fanpage : กนกบรรณสาร
Email :
Tel. 02-417 2511-3
Or: at our “Pheun Nak Aan” bookstore located at Bangkok Christian Hospital

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