New Book!! Shaped for Prayer Enjoyment

Can prayer be more than routine duty or a panic button reserved for crises? Can it become a favourite enjoyment in life?

It’s easier to get excited about praying and to grow in it when it’s enjoyable. Enjoyment of prayer life is a journey we’re designed for, a spiritual growth adventure that’s too good to miss. Not a lifestyle reserved for a few, but a journey open to every follower of Christ. So, how does it become real?

In his book, Shaped for Prayer Enjoyment, David Macmillan unpacks the truths at the heart of enjoyable prayer life.

He gives the why and how of living in “pray continually” mode, responding to God’s constant presence, praying as Christ’s admirers, enjoying God’s company, growing an appetite for Him, boosting corporate prayer power, praying from scripture, increasing prayer passion for Christ’s mission, and more.

There are practical keys to grow daily prayer life, and helpful Ponder & Practise sections to encourage movement from prayer knowledge to enjoyable prayer experience.

This book will equip and encourage you in your prayer enjoyment journey. Used personally, or in prayer groups, it will:

  • Help you grow an enjoyable prayer lifestyle
  • Excite, shape and deepen your praying
  • Equip you for strategic prayer
  • Be a valuable prayer training resource

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