Promotion “Christmas: The Miracle that Changed the World”

Looking for an evangelistic booklet for this Christmas season?

Kanok Bannasan’s latest evangelistic booklet “Christmas: The Miracle that Changed the World” may just be the book that you’re looking for!! ❤❤

Have you ever felt fearful or worried, as if you’ve come to a dead-end in your life and unable to find a way out, finding life wearisome and monotonous, devoid of strength and hope, and searching for the true meaning of life that could set you free from sin and suffering?
The story of Jesus Christ who was born at Christmas, changed the course of history for humankind. The birth of Jesus impacted people on every level. The life of Jesus changed the world. The teaching of Jesus is powerful and challenges the lives of countless people. An encounter with Jesus changes a person’s life. From helplessness to finding a way out. From hopelessness to hope. From feeling of worthlessness to becoming a person of great value. From searching for the truth to finding the truth in Jesus Christ.
Every Christmas there is the exchange of gifts or giving of gifts to each other. This Christmas, let “Christmas: The Miracle that Changed the World” be the gift that you would give to those you love and care about. For the miracle that happened at Christmas can still happen in the lives of people today.


🎉🎉 Special Promotion!! For orders of:
50 copies or more at 23 Baht only per copy
100 copies or more at 21 Baht only per copy
200 copies or more at 19 Baht only per copy
❤ From normal price of 25 Baht/copy ❤

Printed in 4 colors on beautiful glossy paper.

📌📌 Promotional period until 24th December 2019.

Orders are ready for shipping from 1st November 2019 onwards.

For more information or to order:
Line id : kanokbannasan
Email :
Telephone No: 0 2417 2511-3 and 08 6881 6166
Website :
Or at our Readers’ Friend bookstore “Phuean Nak Aan”

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