Welcome the month of Love with the latest book …. “As Long As You Love”

Welcome the month of Love with the latest book from Kanok Bannasan….

“As Long As You Love”

A compilation of 12 articles on love from writers of “As Long As You Know” Page which has a following of 270,000 people.

Everybody who needs love whether couples or singles, those who feel loved or those who have been disappointed will find helpful thoughts and encouragement from this book.

Price 100 Baht / copy

Pocket size 12x16cm
Contains 76 pages, on easy to read paper


Special Promotion!!!

Special Gift set  – Buy for the person you love.

Each Set contains:

  • 2 copies of “As Long As You Love”
  • 4 Postcards
  • 4 Magnetic Bookmarks
  • “Sa” Paper packaging

All these for just 220 Baht only!

(This Gift Set is limited.  First come, First serve!)

Promotion Period until 28th February, 2019 ONLY.


Interested or for more information to order Promotion Set:

Line id : kanokbannasan
Email : orders@kanokbannasan.org
Telephone: 0 2417 2511-3 and  086 881 61664

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