Announcement: “One Person Donates, Many People Read” Project 

Kanok Bannasan (OMF Publishers Thailand) is pleased to announce a project to donate the book The Lion Handbook to the Bible, 5th edition, to the libraries of educational institutions because there is more happiness in giving than in receiving.  

KanokBannasan would like to invite all those who see the value of reading and would like to build up a culture of learning through books to take part in donating The Lion Handbook to the Bible 5th edition to the libraries of educational institutions nationwide so that students in various universities have the opportunity to access knowledge about true Christian faith that might just be the starting point of an interest in God.❤️ 

The Lion Handbook to the Bible is a reliable research source filled with detailed and comprehensive information and knowledge about the Bible. At the same time, it uses easy-to-understand language and has beautiful full-color illustrations that are suitable for students and other readers of the younger generation. Besides this, it has been meticulously produced and published with a strong durable binding that appropriate for being placed within educational institutions where many students will be able to access it over the course of many years. This book presents an opportunity for interested readers to gain a correct understanding of the many stories and topics in the Bible and of the Christian faith. And might even be a bridge for those readers to come to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Lion Handbook of the Bible is a Bible commentary and a Bible encyclopedia in a single volume that has sold more than 3 million copies in over 30 languages around the world. It is beautifully illustrated throughout with more than 700 images including animals and plants mentioned in the Bible, utensils and tools, and ancient architecture, so that students will see pictures of the things mentioned in the Bible and gain a greater understanding of the way of life in that era. The book has more than 20 charts and diagrams with easy-to-understand historical and geographic information such as a chart comparing life in Bible times with other eras of world history. There are 68 maps that show locations and various geographic details alongside tidbits of information from various Biblical stories that will help the reader understand the world of the Bible more clearly. Special articles from experts in many areas help give perspective and invite reflection on numerous topics in the Bible. The handbook includes an introductory chapter explaining the big picture and background of the entire Bible as well as separate introductions for Old Testament, New Testament, and different genres of biblical literature.  The handbook is organized for studying the Bible section by section as well as summarizing each book and the main points in each chapter. There are definitions of key words and names, as well as explanations that help the reader understand more clearly the Bible as a whole.  

The Lion Handbook helps readers understand the canon of Scripture and provides details on the deuterocanonical books as well which are useful when researching the beliefs of Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox believers. An index of names and vocabulary covering important items such as people, places, events, and teachings in the Bible as well as topics in The Lion Handbook itself makes it easy to find what you are looking for and sets apart The Lion Handbook as “the book about the Greatest Story that everyone should have, second only to the Bible itself.” 

If you see reading as a spark that ignites a passion for knowledge and wisdom, and would like to build a culture of learning, #KanokBannasan wants to invite you to partner with us in this project. If you have a burden to help, you can donate through one of the methods detailed in this post or through following the steps in the Google form linked here: 

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