Hot Promotion! “End of year sale 2016”

End of year sale 2016

If you missed our last sale, here is another new promotion that is worth waiting for!

During this Season of GRACE, Kanok Bannasan is delighted to offer a special gift set for end of the year gift giving, our new book, “Grace for the Moment” together with a stylish cloth cover.

The cover is high quality durable canvas.

^_^ One set is only 480 Baht (reduced from full price of 570 Baht) Offer available today until 23 December 2016


New book “Grace for the Moment (เวลาแห่งพระคุณ): Inspirational Thoughts for Each Day of the Year” by Max Lucado This is our annual end of the year book that readers should not miss!


For more information and ordering:
Line id : kanokbannasan
Email :
Telephone: 0 2417 2511-3 and 086 881 6166

1 thought on “Hot Promotion! “End of year sale 2016”

  1. Erik Burmeister Reply

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am close friends with a single Christian mother of twin girls about 8 years old. They are Karen (from Burma), but they live in Thailand and speak Thai well. I would like to send them some Thai books to read about God in general, Jesus Christ, and Bible stories, especially for the young girls to read and perhaps for their mother to read to them. Could you please recommend some to me?
    I would also like a book on parenting for the mother to read in Thai, if you have one, especially on teaching her children about God and training them to obey her and to give them an interest in God to want to follow Him.
    Also, she has a heart to do evangelizing as well. Can you recommend materials she could read from both in teaching children of unsaved parents about God and in teaching unbelieving adults about Him?
    Finally, when I order these from you, are you able to send them to an address in Thailand, where she lives?
    Thank you for your help and for your ministry to Thai speakers in making these materials available at very reasonable cost.
    In His name,

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