New Book!! “Mentoring Paradigms”

New Book!! “Mentoring Paradigms”
“Reflections on being a spiritual mentor, leader and disciplemaker.”

This book is the product of intense reflections of the writer, Edmund Chan. Each concept or paradigm can be extracted and examined, to verify or argue on, to be stripped and then reconstructed with compact explanation of the content.  It stimulates the mind of the reader to contemplate and apply these paradigms continually in his or her life.

  •  Price 180 Baht
  • (Special… 40% off for purchase of 40 copies)Methods of ordering:
    Facebook: Kanok Bannasan (OMF Publishers)
    Line: kanokbannasan
    Tel: 024172511-3 or: 0868969188 and 0868816166
    Our bookstore: Phuen Nak Aan (Readers’ Friend) at Bangkok Christian Hospital.

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