New book!!! “Preaching God’s Big Story”

This latest book is for teaching and preaching God’s story which comprises eight key events in the Bible.  It also shows how the stories correlate with each other in the whole Bible.

This manual promotes chronological teaching by beginning with the Old Testament so that listeners whether they are believers or interested seekers can understand clearly the reasons why Jesus had to be born on earth and become man.

The content is printed in four colors, with simple explanations, uncomplicated, giving basic background knowledge of the various events.  In addition, through these events in the Bible, it gives practical thoughts on how we can apply them to our present daily living.

Suitable as a gift for Bible teachers and full-time workers.  It can be used as an evangelistic tool for those who are interested to know the stories in the Bible.

Order now “Preaching God’s Big Story” and get a Free Gift!!!  A Bible Timeline poster in A3 size which will help you to understand that each book of the Bible occurred in which period in history.

Price 150 Baht only!

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