New Book!! “Roots and Wings”. Special Promotion!!!

New Book!! “Roots and Wings”. An integrative study of the Bible with the goal of making disciples.

This book is a discipleship training tool. It can be used in discipleship groups or small groups that desire to build Christians up to maturity.

“Roots and Wings” includes a teacher’s manual and learner’s manual.
Special Promotion!!! 40% off for purchase of 40 sets of the book.

** Price 460 Baht per set  **

All true fans of Edmund Chang … don’t miss this!!

“It’s time to change our lives anew.
May your spiritual roots grow deep and your wings of faith expand to fly high.

Methods of ordering:
Facebook: Kanok Bannasan  (OMF Publishers)
Line: kanokbannasan
Tel: 024172511-3 or: 0868969188 and 0868816166
Our Bookstore: “Phuen Nak Aan” at Bangkok Christian Hospital

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