New book!! “Somebody’s Child”

📌📌 New book from Kanok Bannasan!!📌.

❤️”Somebody’s Child” ❤️ (sequel to “I don’t want to be…Nobody’s Child”) .

⚡️⚡️ 150 Baht / copy ⚡️⚡️

If Jesus were to be here today, He would probably be in the bar, on the streets with the homeless, the drunkards, drug addicts and prostitutes. But more likely than not, Jesus would be advised not to associate with such terrible people. I was once a terrible person. But Jesus came to seek me through people who came to help me. They did not preach to me or teach me. But they fed me. And one young man put his arms around me and embraced me. Who would do that to a homeless person who was both smelly and dirty? I want to do the same to others so that they can see the love of God.

Nobody wants to be a nobody’s child. John Robinson was born in a Children’s Home. In his growing up years, he was moved from Home to Home without any contact whatsoever from family or relatives. He was familiar with being abused and despised from a young age. He was willing to risk dangers in order to gain friends, food and love. In the end, drugs, prison and rejection took away all his hopes. But despite being homeless, smelly and dirty, God reached out

His hands and touched him through the embrace of ordinary people. His life was forever changed.

But the story does not end there! Who would know … that today he continues to go out and bring hope to those on the streets where they sleep and hide just as he had done in the past. He speaks by words and actions to the youth that “you’re the beloved of Someone above”.

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