New book “Sweeter than Honey”

🎉🎉New book from Kanok Banassan
🍯🍯🐝🐝 “Sweeter than Honey” 🐝🐝🍯🍯
by Christopher J.H.Wright

📣📣# 320 Baht / copy
** not including shipping charges **

Many Christians do not like to read the Old Testament because they feel that this ancient book is distant from them and hard to understand.

But the Old Testament is the Word of God that’s sweeter than honey.  It’s the Bible that Jesus Himself used to read.  The first disciples including the apostle Paul used the OT to lead people to salvation and to prepare people to do God’s work.  You could do the same!

This book “Sweeter than Honey” does not only emphasize the importance of preaching from the OT.  It also shows you how you can understand and preach from the OT.  In this book, you’ll find both questions, exercises, and preaching outlines for your use.

Hence, “Sweeter than Honey” is definitely a suitable handbook to help you understand and preach from the Old Testament faithfully.

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