“On Becoming Babywise”, a book that helps you to raise your child “professionally”.

New Book!  “On Becoming Babywise”

Even before the birth of a child, parents are already feeling very excited as they look forward to the new life that’s going to be born. But just a couple of days after birth, this excitement quickly dissipates and is replaced by extreme fatigue.

This book will radically change your life!

Your accumulated tiredness will disappear quickly.  Your home becomes like “heaven”! 😊

Do you long for a life like this?  That your child sleeps through the night…has a cheerful disposition…healthy growth…sufficient mother’s milk…you even have time to watch TV dramas after the news!  And you have the energy to be with your child the whole day.

If you have a small child, you should have this book!!  A book that will help you to become babywise.

😊 ^_^ Price 350 Baht 😊 ^_^

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(Total 352 pages)

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