Picture Coloring Contest.

The Picture Coloring Contest was held on 10th May, 2017 on the theme “Colors help improve our moods” based on the book “Love Is”.  Kanok Bannasan would like to thank everyone who sent in their entries for the competition, as well as those who came to participate in the event and listened to the talks on that day.  Above all, praise and thanks be to God for blessing this event.  It was a wonderful opportunity to proclaim the love of God through pictures and words in this book.  Several entries we received were from non-Christians and through this activity some of them have expressed interest to know God more.

The atmosphere during the event was permeated with love, warmth, laughter and smiles for each other.  It was filled with the peace of God.  We believe that everyone returned home with lots of happiness.  We have compiled some pictures taken at the event for you to view.

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