We now have 2 books available in the Pray-Prepare-Preach (PPP) Series: “Preaching Job” and “Preaching Deuteronomy.”

preaching job and preaching deuteronomy

These are manuals for preachers and Bible teachers but they are very also very informative and helpful for general readers.

1. “Preaching Job” will help you in the following ways:
• Understand how God uses suffering to produce good fruit in His people
• Understand that God is the one who is in charge of all things, not Satan
• Help people trust God when they are suffering
• Discern how each section of the book of Job is important for your listeners
• Teach the important points of Job clearly

2. “Preaching Deuteronomy” divides the book into sections with short, easy explanations that help us understand how to make sense of the numerous commands and statutes that God gave to the Israelites in ancient times. Some laws that seems strange and hard to understand for modern Christians are explained in the appendix, helping us to know why these laws were established. Do we still need to obey these laws in the present? How are these laws applicable in a culture and age that are very different from those in which they were written?

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