The Grace of Giving


Giving generously, even sacrificially, is part of radical Christian discipleship. In this booklet John Stott takes us through the Apostle Paul’s teaching on giving.

When we consider our own giving – to our local churches, to world mission, to building projects, to friends in need, or to charities – how do we decide what to give? In what spirit do we give? For a Christian, all our giving has a special dimension. It is for the glory of God, and the act of giving becomes a blessing to us as givers. There are times in our lives when this is indeed our experience, but as our income grows or circumstances change we can drift, or become less realistic in what we give. If this booklet can help Christians think more purposefully about the way they use their resources, it will have achieved its purpose.

Author John Stott
ISBN 978-974-9579-90-9
Order code 8030/2
Pages 44


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