The Queen’s Smuggler


Thrilling adventure stories introducing young readers to Christian heroes of the past.

Sarah Poyntz is the daughter of an English merchant who operates a shipping business from Antwerp, Belgium, in 1535. Her father is very interested in the ideas of William Tyndale, who has fled England as a condemned outlaw for refusing to stop his translation work of the English Bible. Tyndale believes that the Word of God should be read by the common people in their own language, a belief shared by the Poyntz family.

But when Tyndale is captured and imprisones, Sarah becomes the only hope for saving his life. If she can successfully sumggle a copy of Tyndale’s New Testament into the hands of the king’s wife, Queen Anne, perhaps she can persuade him to spare Tyndale’s life.

If Sarah’s desperate mission fails, her family is in peril of their lives. Will she have the courage to go through with it? Can Tyndales’ life be spared?

Author Dave and Neta Jackson
ISBN 978-974-9579-81-7
Order code 4330/1
Pages 128


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