Newbook “Radical Discipleship”

Radical Discipleship

The call to be a disciple is a call to a life that is not normal. It is a life that sinks its roots deep in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

When Peter and John were interrogated for proclaiming the Gospel, people were astonished at their courage…

How is it that two normal and uneducated people bravely stood and spoke before those who had power and influence?! What motivated them? Acts 4:13 gives the reason: “They had been with Jesus.” This is the secret of a transformed life!

Edmund Chan invites us to learn together, leading us on a great adventure in walking with Jesus and changing the world at the same time.

“Radical Discipleship” is a small book but has great power to change your view of what it means to be a disciple.

150 Baht per book

Special Sale If you buy 40 or more copies of “Radical Discipleship”, instantly receive a 40% discount.

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