New book!!! A Thai Christian Theology

New book!!! A Thai Christian Theology by Rev. Dr. Satanun Boonyakiat

When the word “theology” is mentioned, people may react differently : a blank look, disinterest, or some may feel uncomfortable.

But “A Thai Christian Theology” is a book that will open your world and change your thinking because it is Christian theology written by a Thai for the Thais.  What Thai Christians used to think was hard is now made easy to understand.

The writer begins with a story that is close to home.  Using a story familiar to the culture, customs and beliefs of the Thais since birth, he dissected it to the hidden core and connected it with Scriptural truths in the Bible.  Moreover, he also summarized each chapter clearly.  At the end of each chapter, there are questions for reflection and discussion.

Hence, “A Thai Christian Theology” is suitable for all Thai Christians.  Churches should recommend this book for their members to read.  And Bible students should not missed out on having a copy for their reference.  This book brings theology close to us.  It is not a subject to be avoided.  In addition, it helps us to communicate the Gospel message to the Thais with a proper understanding of the cultural context and beliefs which are deeply embedded in the thought patterns and practices of the Thai people.


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