A Thai Christian Theology


“A Thai Christian Theology: A New Perspective” by Satanun Boonyakiat

People are nervous when they hear the word “theology”.  Most of them do not think they have anything to do with theology.  It’s a subject learned in the seminaries.  Theology is for Bible and seminary students only.

As such, this book was initiated.  The author is a Thai Christian scholar who wants to open a new perspective for the Thai people.  What used to be a complicated topic for the Thai Christians now becomes simple and easily understandable to them.

The author starts with the matters in the daily life of the Thai people related to cultures, traditions, and convictions to which the people are accustomed since birth.  He reveals the core of people’s faith.  Smoothly, he uses the biblical truths to explain the causes of the Thai faith.  The conclusions are thus clear.  Each chapter ends with questions for the readers to ponder and discuss.

“A Thai Christian Theology: A New Perspective” is the book for every Thai Christian.  The Thai churches should recommend it to their members.  Bible and seminary students should have their own copies.  Written with understanding in the cultures and faith of the Thai people, this book makes theology a simple topic for the Thai Christians.  It’s a useful tool for spreading the gospel to non-believers.


Author Rev.Dr. Satanun Boonyakiat
ISBN  978-616-7860-08-4
Order code 8100/1
Pages 216




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