Is This All There Is to Life


“This book is a concise explanation of the principles which to me is the essence of Christianity which is both a system of beliefs as well as a way of life. I tell my students often that theology exists for our worship and dedication. That is, to offer a sacrifice of praise to God and to walk in His ways.

Hence, we should present theology with the realization that we’re coming before the presence of God. Theology is complete only when we apply its principles consciously before God whom theology refers to and that theology becomes like praise songs offered in honor of God.”


Author Geoff Case
ISBN 978- 616-7860-77-0
Book Code 1050/3
Pages 24


An evangelism booklet with catechism and conclusions giving readers a great opportunity to know Jesus Christ and to have hope in life. Written by an OMF missionary living most of his life in Thailand thus gaining a good understanding in the Thai context through his mingling with the Thai people for more than thirty years.


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